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Optometrist Barbie!


Recently Stephanie from our favorite toy store, Learning Express at Citrus Park, gave Dr. Nate an amazing present: Optometrists Barbie! Everyone loves it!

It is especially great that the visual acuity chart is the correct, traditional Snellen chart, but just a little smaller. The small ophthalmoscope and phoropter look pretty good, and those glasses are very cute, very trendy and very functional! :)

We now keep Optometrist Barbie in the kids eye exam room. This very popular Barbie would make a wonderful Christmas gift for the future eye doctor in the your family!

Optometrist Barbie!

Dr. Nate and Stefanie

From the description:

The Barbie Careers Eye Doctor set brings everything info focus with a special examination chair and eye chart. Eye Doctor Barbie doll can start her workday with the adorable toddler included with the set. . Barbie doll can check her patient's eyes with the tool that fits on her hand then have her read the stand-up eye chart, that doubles as a display case. If Barbie prescribes glasses, there are four fun pairs for options, from glam heart-shaped frames to modern black frames. Barbie is seeing clearly in glasses of her own that complement her fabulous outfit: a blue printed skirt, black top, black heels and white doctor's coat. Girls will love exploring the world of optometry with this eye-opening set!


See a very detailed review of Optometrist Barbie, more from the play perspective (not so much the optometrist part) here.



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