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NanoVista frames for Kids!

We are always on the lookout for the best in new eyeglass frame options for infants, children, and adults. We are thrilled to announce that we have NanoVista in stock and ready for your child. Talk to our professionals in children's glasses and you will find something that will work for your child!

They come in three styles:


  • NANO frames are manufactured with the exclusive and patented SILIFLEX material; this unique plastic material is 35% lighter than acetate frames and delivers a long lasting and durable finish.
  • The patented exclusive hinge stands out due to its maximum flexibility making them "Child-Proof". 
  • Rubberized temples and nose pieces make these one of the most comfortable frames for kids. Great for sports and everyday use.


  • Comfort and protection. NanoSol fit babies and toddlers comfortably with a rubberized nosepad and a special strap.  They provide the maximum protection against UV and blue light.

Silicon Baby:


  • Designed for babies and toddlers, Silicon Baby frames come in Rounded or Rectangular designs.  The shape centers around the eye, giving little ones an extended field of vision.

Here is what other pediatric opticians have to say:

  • "They are amazing frames!"
  • "They fit a bigger variety of head and face sizes, and much more adjustable too."
  • "Patients and parents love them."
  • "These are really cute!"


One response to “NanoVista frames for Kids!”

  1. Somer Staton says:


    I would be interested in possibly purchasing these frames only and filling my son’s rx locally because I live in Va. I just wanted to see if that was possible and inquire on the price.

    Thank you

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