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10 years – Blog Update

I started this blog in 2007 at the suggestion of friend and colleague Justin Bazan, OD. of Park Slope Eye. Think of it - so much has changed in 10 years. iPhones were brand new and iPads didn't even exist. Keeping up with the Kardashians was in its first season. Crowdfunding wasn’t really a thing yet and Instagram didn’t even exist! beblob-logo

And this blog has changed a lot over the years, too. Originally called "Bright Eyes News and Updates". I made the original logo (above) in MS paint and the blog was a generic Wordpress site. Over the years, it was shortened to Bright Eyes News. In the early years, social media was really just being we experimented with a lot of new technology, including RSS feeds, social media widgets, contest apps, and lots of other things. It got a bit cluttered, I admit.

MovePicAlong the way, our website, also changed to reflect our growing practice. We updated to reflect the larger Linebaugh Avenue location. We added sections for specialty services such as vision therapy, myopia control, and orthok. We merged it with the website that we created for the Bright Eyes Kids location. At the same time, we finally incorporated the Bright Eyes News Blog into the single website that you see now.

We've done a little bit housekeeping recently. Two things you might notice:

  1. The improved content of the site overall.
  2. The redirect of the old blog to this one (if you stumble upon it when Googling)
  3. The elimination of the Feedburner email update (for those that signed up very early on).

None of these things should affect readers much, but if you do miss the email updates, I recommend that you follow us on Facebook or add our URL to Google Alerts.

Thanks for staying with us, dear readers. We hope to continue blogging for another 10 years. We can look back with nostalgia at the 2017's current events and yet to be coined words!

See Well!

-Dr. Nate 

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