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Bright Eyes Updates for 2018

2017 was quite the year at Bright Eyes! Dealing with the Kids office flooding and then Hurricane Irma were challenging, but other parts of 2017 were wonderful.  Dr. Beth and other staff members joined us full-time, and you’ll see several new faces. We celebrated the Bright Eyes babies born this year and the weddings and anniversaries of several staff.

There have been some exciting new endeavors:

  • The Bright Eyes Podcast: With 6 episodes posted so far, I am thrilled to continue this project. You may be interested in why Dr. Beth and I recommend UV protection and what the words we use to describe glasses prescriptions really mean.
  • New Technology: We have adopted new technology in the office, like the Binovi Coach Vision Therapy software from Eyecarrot and Vivid Vision VR Vision Therapy, to help us better treat patients. If you know a child struggling with reading or someone concerned with amblyopia, please refer them! We are happy to help!
  • Myopia Options: As myopia becomes an increasing concern world-wide, we have expanded our treatment options to minimize children’s worsening vision.  Children whose vision gets worse every year should be scheduled for a myopia consultation to learn about the options.
  • Saturday Changes: Last year, we expanded the hours at Bright Eyes Family in Westchase to include Saturday appointments. This seemed like a good idea to give patients more options for scheduling. What we found was that between family, sports and other obligations, many of our patients have very busy Saturdays. The result is that we saw many fewer patients on Saturdays than we expected. Therefore, we have decided to close Bright Eyes Family on Saturdays, as it was prior to 2017.

Our Bright Eyes Family hours :

Monday:              9 am – 5 pm

Tuesday:              9 am – 5 pm

Wednesday:      12 pm – 8 pm

Thursday:             9 am – 5 pm

Friday:               8:30am – 4:30pm

Saturday:                CLOSED

Sunday:                  CLOSED

  • But don't worry, We will have more appointments available during the week earlier and later during the schedule! Also, note that this does not affect the Bright Eyes Kids office, which will continue to see children’s exams and vision therapy sessions on Saturdays.


We look forward to sharing all this with you in 2018!  And don't forget, some vision plans and health savings accounts expire at the end of year. It might be a good time to order contacts or glasses. Contact us at (813) 792-0637 if you have any questions.

-Dr. Nate and Bright Eyes Staff


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