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Vision Therapy Success Stories

Thank You Letter

Thank You Letter

We are proud of the results kids get from our vision therapy program. Here are some of the kids stories and what some children have experienced after vision therapy.

“It’s like she’s a different child…”

DS was a 9 years old girl who was experiencing significant difficulty with reading. She was diagnosed with eye coordination problems of Exophoria, Accommodative Insufficiency, and Oculomotor Dysfunction of Pursuits.

After vision therapy results, her parents said, “It’s like she’s a different child. She understands more of her reading because of eyes tracking better. Homework is not a struggle anymore in fact she has it done before she gets home most of the time. Grades have gotten better.”

“..Attitude & confidence is 100% better”

CM was a 7 year old boy who used to struggle to do his homework without taking frequent breaks, and getting frustrated. Though he had glasses, they did not help. He was diagnosed with Esophoria, Accommodative Insufficiency and Oculomotor Dysfunction of Saccades

After vision therapy, his mother noticed many positive results including academic changes: “His attitude & confidence is 100% better. He is doing much better! This is the 1st year he made his reading levels before the end of the school year.”

“She can’t put the books down!”

HF was an 8 year old girl who had difficulty maintaining clear vision and distinguishing letters appropriately. She was diagnosed with amblyopia, so even with the glasses, she did not see well.

Her mother said, “She had really struggled with reading. She was well below grade level and reversing many letters, numbers and whole words with her writing and reading. Post vision therapy, she is a different child! When all is quiet and I go to “check” on her she is nearly always reading! She can’t put the books down! She now reads a chapter book (or 2) a day!”

“Yes!! Yes!! Yes!!”

HS was an 8 year old girl who had difficulty viewing close work such as reading and writing, because it is was more difficult for her eyes to move and focus than would be expected at her age. She was diagnosed with the visual focusing problems of Accommodative Insufficiency and eye movement problems of Oculomotor Dysfunction of Pursuits and Saccades.

When asked if HS showed behavior changes after vision therapy her parents said, “Yes!! Yes!! Yes!! Before therapy, HS was angry and quick to react negatively to all situations. She was also struggling w/relationships at school because she was constantly being called out for her bad behavior. This constant negative reinforcement made her feel inadequate among her classmates.”


Problems with School Work?

Does your child struggle with school work? Do they have poor attention or difficulty with reading comprehension? Call us at 813-792-0637 to find out if they have a hidden visual problem.