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Children’s Eyecare Services

Bright Eyes is for kids, too!

BrighteyeslegoAs parents and doctors, we believe strongly that the best eye exam for kids is one that is fun! Whether you bring your child to Bright Eyes Family Vision Care in Westchase or Bright Eyes Kids in New Tampa, you will know that everything is based on the perspective of the child. When children first enter our office, they see children’s artwork and a Lego table to play with, along with child-size furniture! We have special ways to make the exam fun – not scary and traumatic. And we have a large selection of eyeglasses for infants through teens.

Of course, besides being fun, children’s eye exams have to be thorough and professional. Every patient at Bright Eyes, no matter how young, is given a complete visual evaluation, which includes assessing the health of their eyes, the clarity of their vision, and their eye coordination. We offer the most up-to-date options in eyeglass lenses and pediatric eye care treatment – including vision therapy, treatment options for amblyopia (a.k.a. “lazy eye”) and Ortho-k for kids.

  • Amblyopia
    “Lazy eye” can be treated, but it usually requires more than just glasses or contact lenses. Find out more here.