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Why Kids love Bright Eyes Kids

Comfortable and inviting

We have kids of our own. We know what kind of medical facilities are fun for kids – and what kind are not. We like fun! We have designed the entire office to make your child feel welcome and comfortable. From the moment you walk in, you’ll find a quiet place with children’s art on the walls and comfortable child-size furniture. To keep them occupied, there are books and magazines just for kids, places to play and color, and Lego models around the office. Our Tampa eye doctors guarantee your child will feel right at home.

The respect each child deserves

Atmosphere is important, but the real reason kids love us is that we treat children with respect. Our optometrists in Tampa spend time to find out what they are interested in, what books they like, and what activities they are involved in. We talk to them (not at them) and involve them in their own care. Whenever possible, we give them choices so that they can feel comfortable and in control of the eye exam.

Eye exams that are fun – like games!

Since Dr. Nate and Dr. Beth are both residency-trained pediatric optometrists, they have worked with thousands of kids, and they are more in tune with the vision needs of children. They have special techniques for testing the vision of little ones who can’t speak or read yet. And both are trained to look for vision issues that may not be obvious but can affect reading and learning in school-age kids.

Kids generally strive to do a good job at the eye exam. And just like adults, they sometimes worry that they are not “getting it right.” To overcome this, we structure our children’s eye exams more like games. While your kids are having fun with the lighthearted (sometimes even silly) games, Dr. Nate and Dr. Beth are learning about their eyes and how they work.
Also, if your child is a Lego fan, they might want to bring an extra or “not favorite” mini-figure to trade with Dr. Nate, like they do at LegoLand.

Options to meet their needs

Do your kids play sports? We can talk about sports glasses to keep them safe! Do they want to use contacts? Contacts for kids are safer than ever. Is their vision getting worse as they get older? Dr. Nate uses a variety of proven techniques to help reduce the progression of myopia. And the staff will help your kids learn how to wear glasses and contacts comfortably – with no tears!

Fun in selecting glasses

Glasses for kids today are nothing like they were a generation ago. We have a great selection of fun, durable, and comfortable children’s eyewear for babies, toddlers, school-age kids, and teens. We have colorful and neutral styles, metal and plastic, lightweight and flex-style frames – and all our regular-priced frames come with a 1-year breakage warranty at no extra charge. Most of our lens packages also come with a 1-year scratch warranty, so you can be sure your child’s glasses will last! If not, then we replace them at no charge. Wow!