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Bright Eyes Now Able to Make Glasses on Location!

3framesTypically when patients order glasses at an independent office such as ours they select they work with an optician to select a frame style that they likes and the lens design that they need. Then the frame is sent to a large optical laboratory where the lenses are edged down and put in the frame. The the complete pair of glasses is sent back to the office to be dispensed to the patient.

We have always wanted to have the ability to make the glasses at the office. Now that we have completed our large expansion, we are pleased to announce that we made this goal a reality. We have a large optical room in the new office with the equipment to complete the manufacture of glasses right at the in the office.

This has a number of advantages for the patients. For one, it allows a wide range of lenses options. But most importantly it allows patients to get their glasses sooner, sometimes in a just a day or two.

Keep in mind that if patients have specialty lenses, such as digital progressives, or Shaw Lenses, those will still need to be sent out to the optical laboratory. But many of the adult and child glasses can now completed on site.

If you are interested in the process of making glasses, here is a video that explains how it is done. It was not made at our office, but we would like to do one some day!