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The New Bright Eyes Family Vision Care in Westchase!

As any patient who has visited us at Bright Eyes Family Vision Care in Westchase recently is aware, things are changing! After months of signs, noise, dust, and a little disorientation, our expansion from our previous 1,600 square feet location with the darker design has been transformed into almost 4,000 square feet with an update, lighter, fresher look!

You can see a few photos of the entrance and reception area, a new, expanded waiting area for adults and children, and a larger more conveniently designed optical areas with a kid’s area and more patient care desks and computers. What is not shown here is the increased numbers of patient care rooms for exams, testing, and vision therapy, as well as administrative rooms. Also, the walls a re still a little bare. We have an entire room of artwork and displays that need to go up.

But most importantly, the larger office means that it is easier than ever to schedule an appointment. You can request an appointment here or call. (813)792-063.

Stay tuned for an open house announcement.


-Dr. Nate


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