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Rhea P. Yelp

Really excellent care.Excellent choice.I cannot believe I have been walking around all this time with less than perfect eyesight.  Yes, I have been prescribed glasses for years, but I rarely remember to wear them.Since I have presbyopia now, the prospect of wearing bifocals was just not appealing to me, to be honest.I was able to find great contact lenses for presbyopia, addressing both near and far sightedness issues. Brilliant!Staff was really great with follow up care, and helping me to tweak my prescriptions.  Also, Dr. Beth prescribed  OTC eye drops to help with eye allergies.  Really great result for me, as a previous eye doctor prescribed drops costing over $100 for not even an ounce of product. My eyes feel fantastic, and I'm really happy I came here.Take care of your eyes--they are your windows to the world.

- Rhea P. Tampa Bay, FL