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Dr. B went above and beyond

My son is 10 years old and wears glasses.  He was frequently bending the frames or even worse breaking them while playing sports.  A friend from church told us that her daughter had a similar type of vision loss and was wearing contacts at night.  The Mom referred us to Bright eyes for possible corneal reshaping therapy for our son.  Dr. Bonilla-Warford was very thorough with his  eye exam and also noticed the our son had a mild problem with focusing.  It was recommended that he have 6 weeks of vision therapy and then we could begin corneal reshaping therapy.   Dr. B went above and beyond finding the right lens for our son to ensure 20/20 during the day.  That meant many follow-up appts to check the health of our sons eyes.  Dr. B would even come in before the office opened so he could check the lens right after our son was up for the day.  Dr. B would be the one to take out his lens and check his vision and the health of the eye.  Also,  Dr. B  stayed late at the office to custom designed lenses for our son to ensure the best possible vision, comfort and ease of taking the lenses out.  It has been 7 months now that our 10 year old has been wearing the corneal reshaping lenses.  He is enjoying football, soccer, baseball and swimming without glasses,  seeing 20/20 and is almost totally independent with putting the lenses in and taking them out.   Yes, The lenses are an investment but we no longer have the frustration of broken or lost glasses.  Our son is so happy to be glasses free during the day as he is so active with sports.  Dr.  Bonilla-Warford and his friendly staff have made this transition to contacts as smooth  and safe as possible.  I highly recommend this doctor and staff for the eye care of your family.  In fact,  my other two children, my husband and myself all go for our annual visits at Bright Eyes Family Vision Care now!

- Kim E. Tampa, FL