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helped with his dyslexia!

I could not be happier with Dr. Nate and his staff! In late 2014, I had had enough of my son's fidgeting, covering his eye, and tilting his head when we were doing school work. I finally jumped on google to see if anyone else had experienced this with their child and, my goodness, I discovered he probably had a vision issue. I saw that people were taking their kids to vision therapists with good results, but I must admit that I was quite skeptical of it. I did lots of research and then found Dr. Nate. His website was extremely informative and gave me the confidence that he might be the Dr to take my son to. After what I would describe as an eye "stress test," Dr. Nate let us know that our son had significant problems in 2 areas of vision, but that they were correctable with vision therapy. He explained what he was seeing as a clinician, and then explained what he would expect us to be seeing at home. What he said was exactly what we were experiencing with my son so we went ahead with the therapy. We are a homeschooling family so I work one on one with him a lot, but I NEVER would have been able to tell you what his vision problems were. All I could see were the coping mechanisms he was using to try to see his work. We just finished his therapy today, after going once a week for 6 moths, and I literally teared up at his final evaluation today. His skills were so much better than when we began. He no longer tilts his head or covers his eye when he reads, and he doesn't become physically fatigued. It has even helped with his dyslexia! Miss Jade, his vision therapist, was very kind and worked well with my son's difficulty in staying still. The office staff were incredibly kind and polite and the waiting room was great for my younger daughter who tagged along. Dr. Nate loves Legos! I wouldn't hesitate to recommend this office to a friend. In fact, I do it all the time!

- Jennifer B.