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I highly recommend his services

For years I had been going to Visionworks and Lenscrafters for my visions needs. I was never happy with the care. The first months of using my  new prescription from them I realize the prescription was always a little off and by the end of the year I needed another exam. Two years ago I went to Dr. Bonilla-Warford for an eye exam. His exam took about an hour and the prescription was perfect. The quality of eyewear at his office was outstanding. I was surprise to get a reminder that I was due for another routine exam because my prescription was still perfect. I went back to his office to get another exam. I needed a tad of a correction. I was so happy with the Sillouette frames I purchased there that I got another set with my computer  prescription. His staff is very knowledgeable and service oriented. I highly recommend his services.

- Jamie S. Tampa FL