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You & your practice are golden!!!!!

2 years ago we visited Bright Eyes to have Dr. Bonilla - Warford asses/examine our daughters' eyes & her vision.  Initally, we visited out of mere convenience, since we live in West Park Village & we could walk to his practice.  Having been in the industry for many  years myself, I am likely overly aware of what should take place during a thorough eye examination.   I was more than impressed with the level of care, interest, concern & overall treatment that we received by Dr. Bonillia - Warford & his staff.  Our daughter definately needed glasses.  Last year, when back for a routine examine, we learned that our daughter's prescription had doubled & she was becoming acutely myopic (near-sighted).  Dr. B did some extensive evaluations & determined that our daughter was also suffering from strabismus (a condition where the eyes are not working together to focus).  This can cause multiple problems for many children, especially academically.  Immediately, we began weekly vision therapy right there @ Bright Eyes.  We did this for 6 months & the change in our daughters' overall focus (using both eyes) was amazing.  Last summer,  after therapy was complete, we received the "okay" from Dr. B to  try 'Ortho -K' (corneal reshaping) for our daughter.  This process eliminates the need for wearing glasses everyday & for kids....this is outstanding.  Our daughter wears hard contact lenses to sleep every night & we remove them in the morning.  She is 20/20 all day long.  I cannot tell you what a blessing this has been.  Because she is so myopic, even simple events (like swimming) were tricky because she would have to remove her glasses @ the pool & at that point she could not see much of anything & she would squint terribly.  We began the corneal reshaping last summer & she is still doing amazing.  Dr. Bonilla -Warford is our hero.  His sweet wife (who is the contact specialist) & their great staff are an asset to the businesses of West Park Village.  For the greater portion of a year we were in his practice every week.  What an amazing bunch of people..... Friendly, helpful, wonderful.  If you are looking for a solid, highly skilled Optometrist who specializes in all of the lastest innovation vision options.......make an appointment with Dr. Bonilla - Warford @ Bright Eyes Family Vision.  Recently, we relocated to Colorado.  We only pray to find a doctor as good as Dr. B.  We cannot thank you enough for all that you have done for our daughter!  You & your practice are golden!!!!!

- Carissa C. Tampa, FL