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Betsy Y.

I can't thank Dr. Nate and his team enough! Through Bright Eyes' vision therapy, I have seen 3D for the first time in my life. I can now read books(before they had to be scanned and read to me) and work on the computer all day. I have been to many ophthalmologists and optometrists over the years and Dr. Nate is top notch. He is one of the few doctors who has actually been able to treat my vision problems(strabismus). My vision is actually getting better as an adult! Through his work, he has able to reduce my prescription strength and he has included a prism in my prescription that keeps my eyes more aligned through the day. With the prism, I can see 3D more of the time. Through vision therapy, we are hoping to reduce the prism strength overtime as well.If you are questioning whether or not to try vision therapy, I say give it a shot with Dr. Nate. I had two unsuccessful eye operations as a child and thought there was nothing I could do except get a job that requires me not to use my eyes. Vision therapy have improved my quality of life ten-fold and I now feel capable of pursuing any career of my dreams.

- Betsy Y.