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A Brief and Wonderful Note From a Patient

The other day when I was beginning the follow-up for a patient who is doing Precise Corneal Reshaping, I was handed a small Thank You card.

This patient is a wonderful 10 year old girl who is very funny. She and her mother were very interested-enough to drive from Pinellas to the Westchase area of Tampa, several times- in PCR because the girl’s prescription in her glasses had been increasing every six months . When she started, we talked about how PCR might be difficult because her prescription was high, but that it would give her the best chance of minimizing an increase in her prescription.

Well, after 1 week of wearing the reshaping lenses, she was seeing almost 20/20 without glasses or contacts. She was able to swim and do other summer activities without worry. She was so excited that she wrote the note below:


This is the great thing about being a doctor! Letters like this!

Dr. Nate

Nathan Bonilla-Warford, OD
Bright Eyes Family Vision Care
Located in the Westchase area of Tampa.

enough to drive from Pinellas to the Westchase area of Tampa, several times


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