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Foursquare Day Only – Save 50% on Glasses


Here at Bright Eyes, we are very supportive of Foursquare. We think it is – not literally – the cat’s pajamas. So after a lot of thought and consideration, we have decided to offer our biggest and best discount ever on Foursquare Day:


That is right. All you have to do is show your Foursquare check-in and you will save 50% on glasses, including all frames, lenses, and lens treatments! There is no limit to how many you can buy, but the the offer is not valid with vision plan discounts.

So support Foursquare Day! Support us! Support your wife who is enamored with Tiffany & Co. or the husband who needs a new pair of prescription sunglasses. If you need to learn how to use foursquare to get the deal, then click here. If you are already know, then make your plans now!


Read this Important Information About COVID-19 and Bright Eyes!