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Ordinary Chores Cause Half of All Eye Injuries

People often think about eye injuries related to sports and the 4th of July. And that is a good thought. But also remember that many eye injuries occur around the home.

“Almost 40 percent of eye injuries happen to people doing yard work or gardening at home, yet few people think about wearing eye protection during these times.”

You can follow these steps from Prevent Blindness America to protect your eyes:

  • Wear safety glasses with side protection or goggles when mowing or using a weed eater or power cutting tools, like saws or trimmers.
  • Check your yard and remove debris before mowing.
  • Turn off power tools when near an unprotected bystander, especially young children. Bystanders and helpers should have eye protection when tools are in use.
  • Wear goggles to protect your eyes from fertilizers, pesticides and other yard chemicals, including lime dust.
  • Read and follow all product instructions. Obey warnings on yard chemicals and equipment.
  • Wear eye protection when using any chemical. After any project, wash hands thoroughly before touching the eyes or face.

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Be Well!
Dr. Nate

Nathan Bonilla-Warford, OD
Bright Eyes Family Vision Care
Located in the Westchase area of Tampa.

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40,000 Americans Suffer Sports-Related Eye Injuries Per Year

According to a report from the American Academy of Ophthalmology, every year in the United States, about 40,000 people suffer sports-related eye injuries. Many of these injuries could be prevented with the proper eye-protection. Some people don’t think they need protection because they won’t get hurt or think of the old-style sports goggles that interfere with vision. But in truth many people do get hurt and sports eyewear is better than ever.

“It’s absolutely necessary for athletes to use protective eyewear because eye injuries can be devastating,” says Ophthalmologist Ruth Williams. “Wearing properly fitted protective eyewear will not harm your performance in a game, and it may save your sight.”

If you play sports, especially sports such as basketball, football or soccer, you should not be wearing your glasses, because they are not designed for sports. Consider getting prescription sport eyewear. They will improve your performance and reduce the chances of injuries.

In a similar topic, check out more info on sports vision and the exercise-myopia connection.

Be Well!

Dr. Nate

Nathan Bonilla-Warford, OD
Bright Eyes Family Vision Care
Located in the Westchase area of Tampa.


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