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Justin Schoonover, CPO

When asked by the doctor to write a blog post about passing the Paraoptometric examination and becoming certified, I procrastinated thinking he would forget about it. That obviously didn’t work. So here it is, short and sweet.

I’ll start off by saying that I can officially add more letters to my already ridiculously long last name. I’m giving Dr. Bonilla-Warford, OD a run for his money. I am now a certified paraoptometric, meaning that I have demonstrated the proficiency and knowledge in basic science, clinical principals and procedures, ophthalmic optics and dispensing, and professional issues.

I take pride in this not only for my own personal academic satisfaction, but also because it is an indicator of the amount of knowledge and skill that the doctor and staff at Bright Eyes possess. I’ll explain. I did not take optometric classes or other courses in preparation for this exam. To be honest, the preparatory workbook provided was not necessary. It all came from hands-on, on-the-job training. Dr. Bonilla-Warford creates an environment conducive for learning for both staff and patients. I usually wouldn’t admit this outright because I’m not really a big fan of blogging, but I read every blog post he puts up on the Bright Eyes website. A lot of it is actually interesting! All of it contains information that is pertinent and knowledgeable.

I’m also constantly learning new things from my coworkers. Whether it’s ways to properly document in our electronic charting system, or tips on how to repair a frame that has obviously been chewed on by some creature then driven over by a WWII Sherman tank, something new comes up everyday.

So in a nutshell, although I am very proud of my new certification, I am more thankful for the skills and knowledge I’ve picked up while working here at Bright Eyes!

All the best,

Justin Schoonover, CPO
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