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Patient Spotlight: Joe Bergeron & Solipskier iPhone App

We haven’t had a patient spotlight in awhile, so I am excited about this. After Joe Bergeron’s recent eye exam, he and I were chatting and he mentioned an iPhone app that he had worked on: Solipskier. It has been very successful and wanted to ask him a little more about it. – Dr. Nate

Dr. Nate: What is solipskier?

Joe: Solipskier is a fast paced video game where you draw snow slopes as a skier follows along for the ride. You draw down slopes to pick up speed, up slopes to navigate through gates, and ramps do crazy jumps. Tricks and successful gate hits rack up points. Solipskier is available free online ( and in the App store for the iPhone and iPad ( I had the pleasure of developing the iPhone/iPad version, and I’m porting the game to other platforms as well.

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