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Simulations of Ailing Artists’ Eyes Yield New Insights on Style

For all of you into art, whether you are highly trained professionals, weekend dabblers, or "I don't know anything about art, but I know what I like" types, here is a very interesting piece from the New York Times. It has long been known that an artist's experiences will affect their work. For example, "Write about what you know," is something that I've heard many times. There has been discussion for years about how vision may have affected the works of some of the great painters. This new research is interesting, because it uses computer simulations of visual conditions to get a better idea about how the vision of various artists  changed throughout their life - and how their work changed with it.

On some level, it stands to reason that a change in vision would affect the paintings that an artist would produce. But just in what ways artists will incorporate or overcome their visual problems is, to me, fascinating.

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