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Congrats to Mark Marciano, OD in City Council Win!

1a29663d 6f0e 49ee bb4b 0e43a32fe8b3A huge congratulations to my colleague of many years, Mark Marciano, OD. While lots of people like to complain about local issues, very few are willing to step up do something about it. Dr. Marciano is an excellent doctor and a wonderful man. This is very exciting.

-Dr. Nate

Reprinted from the Palm Beach Post:

Palm Beach Gardens voters elected two new council members Tuesday and will decide on a third in a runoff election in two weeks. Mark Marciano, a 46-year-old optometrist, handily defeated Michael Paolercio, the 65-year-old co-founder of Michael Anthony Jewelers, to win the Group 1 seat. Marciano, celebrating with supporters at Paddy Mac’s Irish Pub, said voters wanted someone who was knowledgeable and cares. Marciano said voters recognized that he’s been engaged with the city in multiple ways for many years. “We’re very happy and very excited about working for the residents of the city that showed all this confidence in me. I’m honored,” he said. The three seats opened by term limits, which voters overwhelmingly approved in November 2014. Marcie Tinsley, Eric Jablin and Bert Premuroso were not eligible to seek another three-year term because of the retroactive limits.

Marciano has been married to optometrist Brandee Owens Marciano since 2001. They are parents of two boys, Adam who is in high school this year, and Thomas who is in 7thgrade. Mark and Brandee own and operate Marciano Family Optometric in West Palm Beach since 2004, employing 10 people. Mark has been an active volunteer for the City of Palm Beach Gardens and this was his first run for City Council. He has been engaged in many City’s activities, serving on the Budget Oversight Committee since 2012, and as Chair for the past two years.

Marciano said in a statement: “I am honored and humbled by the support of the voters of Palm Beach Gardens yesterday and grateful to all of our supporters and campaign volunteers who worked very hard to help us win. There is much to be proud of in our City and, as all municipalities, there is always things to improve. I hope to represent my friends, colleagues and neighbors and am always available to discuss issues affecting the residents of Palm Beach Gardens.”

Dr. Marciano's website: 


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