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Dr. Beth is a New Partner at Bright Eyes!

2021 0224 best practices 2021 5

Dr. Beth and Dr. Nate with the 2021 Best Practice Award

When Dr. Elizabeth Knighton "Dr. Beth" joined Bright Eyes in 2014, we were thrilled to have her. After all, she had specialty training in children's vision and is extremely nice.  Initially she saw patients two days a week and only at the Bright Eyes Family location in Westchase because the Bright Eyes Kids location in New Tampa was brand new and itself was only open 2 days a week.

Since then Dr. Beth has grown significantly with us. She has worked full-time with us for quite some time, splits her time between Bright Eyes Family and Bright Eyes Kids, and provides primary eye care, vision therapy, and sports vision. Additionally,  she has weathered not only the challenges of the large expansion of Bright Eyes Family office, but also the global COVID-19 pandemic. She has also been through the great times, such as when Bright Eyes recently received the CooperVision Best Practices Award (above).

During the seven years that Dr. Beth has worked at Bright Eyes, she has truly embodied our mission to "to empower people by providing the best in friendly, professional, and innovative eye care." She gives her all for patients, as patients tell us in Google reviews, like the one that says,

"My daughter has special needs and Dr. Beth was so amazing with her! Lots of patience and very kind. Highly recommend!"

So it is for all these reasons that I am incredibly excited to announce that Dr. Beth is no longer an associate doctor, but she is now joining me and Cristina as partner at Bright Eyes! This partnership will allow Dr. Beth more opportunities to improve patient care at Bright Eyes.

We look forward to working with her for a very long time!!

-Dr. Nate and Cristina

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Dr. Beth (second from right) and Dr. Nate (right) after completing the Keys 100 relay race.

Bright Eyes 10 Year87 1024×683

Dr. Beth and friends at the 10 Year Bright Eyes Anniversary.

staff e1440427511594

Dr. Beth and staff at the opening of Bright Eyes Kids.


Dr. Nate, Dr. Beth, and a patient in Lego form.

CW44 on the town 1024×546

Dr. Beth being interviewed.

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Dr. Beth created a Great American Teach in Video in 2020.

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Bright Eyes Team selfie

podcast 640×427

Dr. Nate and Dr. Beth podcasting.

File Oct 16 5 06 04 PM 768×1024

Dr. Beth and staff at The Glow Run in 2015