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So Thankful!



Like many families, ours has a tradition of taking time each Thanksgiving of taking time to be appreciative of the many blessings in our lives. For many years our family has gathered in the living room and took turns listing people, organizations, and other things that we are thankful until we reached 100.

While I will not fill this blog with 100 entries, I do want to make a short list of just a few of the many things I am thankul for (in no particualr order):

  • Our Patients – Every day it is such an honor to provide care for you and your family. It is a responsibility that we deeply appreciate. Thank you.
  • Local Professionals - We are thanskful for every doctor, therapist, teacher, or other professional who puts their trust in us when they refer for specailized services such as vision therapy, myopia management, or sports vision. It means the world to us!
  • Bright Eyes Staff – We have grown from a staff of four people to almost 20 and they are such hardworking, pleasant, dedicated people. We would not be able to provide the care we can without them.
  • Cristina – To single one staff member out, Cristina is the office manager and the unsung hero of Bright Eyes. While the doctors get the credit and everyone knows the smiling faces at the front desk, Cristina works day and night to keep Bright Eyes running smoothly.
  • Dr. Beth – Likewise Dr. Beth routinely goes above and beyond to empower both patients and staff. She is smart and creative and helps make everyone around her a better person.
  • Neighborhoods – We are so lucky to have diverse neighborhoods like Westchase and New Tampa to call home and wonderful business neighbors to interact with.
  • People who work with their hands - This year we undertook a major construction project that involved concrete, electrical, plumbing, carpentry, glasswork, and the knowhow to turn all of this into the new Bright Eyes! We are thankful for their very hard and dedicated work.
  • Professional help – Although we all work very hard, the staff and I cannot do it all. We rely on consutlants and other experts to help us run the business properly. We thankful for their advice and expertise.
  • Scientists and Researchers – Every year Dr. Beth and I improve and advance our recommendations and we make these decisions based on new research and publications in scientific journals. Without them we’d either be stuck in a rut or have to make recommendations just by guesswork. Neither would be ideal.

I hope every one of you has a wonderful holiday season with your friends and families and are able to take time to tell special people that you appreciate them.

Thank you!

-Dr. Nate

(PS - I've gotten a lot mileage out of that Lego Thanksgiving creation. I should make a new one next year.)