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2019 Buddy Walk

Dr. Nate's Note: We at Bright Eyes enjoy being involved in the community and love to support our patients. This year we were lucky enough to attend the 2019 Buddy Walk at Raymond James Stadium to raise money for F.R.I.E.N.D.S. Down Syndrome West Florida.

Esther Rodas, a member of out optical sales team reflects on her experience.

My experience at the Tampa 2019 Buddy Walk was nothing short of wonderful.  Being a part of and witnessing all of the support given to the Down Syndrome community and their loved ones was really heartwarming and awesome to see!

This was my first year attending.  The event consisted of wide spectrum of different vendors from our optometric practice to occupational therapy practices, dancing organizations, chiropractic services, employment networking, disability resources, sports groups, mary kay and many many more.  There were several activities to raise money such as raffles, snacks/food for sale and donations of course.  The top team fundraising ranking came in at: $6,005, while the top individual ranking came in at $320!  Again, a lot of support was given and it was great to see.  Aside from the supporting vendors and sponsors there was also fantastic entertainment such as dance themes that performed and an amazing performance of our national anthem.  There was also an animal petting area for the kids and for animal loving adults as well.

Our practice presented various lines of kids frames that we carry at our clinic. Frames that are incredibly durable for kids, sports goggles, and lines designed specifically for those with special needs.  We passed out coupons to use at our practice for those interested in stopping by that may be in need of glasses for their kiddos.  We engaged with the various families present, some of which have been Bright Eyes patients for many years.  It was a wonderful opportunity and pleasure for us to be able to present to the families present what we have to offer that can help their kids or themselves for that matter!

The day ended with the buddy walk in which we cheered on the families and teams that walked together.  We took beautiful pictures of the groups walking together and being cheered on by us all.  It was the perfect ending to a great day.  I look forward to my future attendance in the buddy walk and certainly look forward to contributing in any way that I can along with my Bright Eyes team.


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