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10 Reasons Patients Choose to Purchase Glasses at Bright Eyes

Recently, I asked the Bright Eyes opticians to come up with 10 reasons why patients purchases glasses from us. They know that patients have many options for for buying glasses. They also know that we have patients who return year after year to buy their glasses from a team that they trust. As Krysta read the results of their brainstorming session, I was very proud of them and the work that they put into the project. It showed how much they care for our patients and their dedication to perfect, customized eyewear.

-Dr. Nate

coach frames

10 Reasons Patients Choose to Purchase Glasses at Bright Eyes

  1. We are a knowledgeable and caring team.

  2. We sell quality eyewear and we stand behind it with an unconditional 1 year warranty.

  3. We strive to make sure our frame selection is not only fashionable, but well fitting as well for all types of faces.

  4. We are personable and get to know our patients well.

  5. We personalize recommendations to meet the individual patient needs. Not only the frames, but lenses, and lens options as well.)

  6. We strive to ensure each patient leaves happily with their glasses.

  7. We offer competitive pricing.

  8. We have a large inventory of frames for all ages and ethnicities.

  9. We verify the quality and accuracy of glasses that were ordered before we deliver them to the patient.

  10. We ensure proper fit of the glasses when the patient comes to pick them up, and throughout the lifetime of the glasses.

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