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10th Anniversary Party Pics!!

Thank you to all our patients, friends, and family who came out to have fun and celebrate our 10th anniversary with us! Below are some pictures of the festivities.


Bright Eyes 10 Year84

Cristina and Dr. Nate with Cristina's parents.

Bright Eyes 10 Year22

The musical entertainment.

Bright Eyes 10 Year12

The winning ten!

Bright Eyes 10 Year56

The winners of the free Gucci frames!

Bright Eyes 10 Year90

Fun times at the photo booth

Bright Eyes 10 Year58

Wonderful people.

Bright Eyes 10 Year73

People enjoyed using Vivid Vision.

Bright Eyes 10 Year87

Dr. Beth relaxing.

Bright Eyes 10 Year80

While Justin plays and sings.

Bright Eyes 10 Year55

People having fun.

Bright Eyes 10 Year54

Dr. Beth and family

Bright Eyes 10 Year24

Dr. Nate talks.

Bright Eyes 10 Year33


Bright Eyes 10 Year29

Making friends.


Thanks to our friends at Our Town for these awesome custom cookies!

Bright Eyes 10 Year37

Working on the Lego mosaic.


The final product!

Here is a video of how the mosaic was made:


One response to “10th Anniversary Party Pics!!”

  1. Jim says:

    What a fun event! Congratulations, guys!

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