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TC Charton – Asian Fit Eyeglasses

TC Charton logoTC Charton adultsHave you been all over Tampa, trying on pair after pair of eyeglasses, only to find that none of them seem to fit your nose or they touch your cheeks? Let’s face it, we’re all different, including the shape and symmetry of our face. Sometimes it is difficult for Asian or African-American patients to find comfortable glasses in the correct size in a style they like.

We are happy to announce we just ordered a new frame line called TC Charton that might solve this problem! Alexandra Peng Charton has worked in the optical industry for more than 16 years. In addition to knowing how frames should fit, she has personally experienced the frustration of trying to find the perfect frame for herself. So she designed her own “Asian-Fit” frame line, that she found works for many different ethnicities.

TC Charton kidsAccording to her website “the brand was designed to accommodate higher cheekbones, lower nose bridges and other ethnic features that make conventional eyewear impossible or uncomfortable to wear. With dozens of frame styles, the wearer can have a great fit without having to compromise on style and luxury.” TC Charton has frames for men, women, and children. You can browse their selection by using the link below. Come see us and find your “glass slipper” of eye wear!

-Bright Eyes Optical Staff

One response to “TC Charton – Asian Fit Eyeglasses”

  1. ava says:

    Fantastic looking eyeglasses.. thanks for sharing

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