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Bright Eyes will Be on Bay News 9!

We are in a very exciting time right now, here at Bright Eyes!

In addition to these events that make us so very proud, the most exciting thing for us right now is our Bay News 9 interview about the incredible results from our newest vision therapy equipment, Vivid Vision. Betsy, a patient that I have written about here, and I went to the Bay News 9 central studio to be interviewed about vision therapy, 3D vision, and the virtual reality therapy program Vivid Vision. The interview was with Dr. Randy Schuck and it was about 10 minutes long.

Here is a picture of us after the interview with  Dr. Schuck:



It was fun and exciting to see the news studio behind the scenes and help spread awareness about helpful options for people of all ages who cannot see, or do not have very good 3-D vision.

The news segment will air either next Friday or the Friday after that. We’ll let you know! :)

-Dr. Nate

2 responses to “Bright Eyes will Be on Bay News 9!”

  1. lisa says:

    I have a son in his 30’s he had lazy eye surgerys when young,depth receptionn has always been bad,retia issues,hes never been able to read,drive ect ,could this be an option that may help him?

  2. brighteyes says:

    It may help, but the retina issues may be limiting. Only a full exam can determine if he is a candidate.

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