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Bright Eyes Escaped!

A few times each year we take some time out from patient care to work with the staff. It usually is a little bit of training and a little bit of fun, but we do all of it with our mission of empowering our patients though vision care. This year we took the entire Bright Eyes Family Vision Care to Brunchie's, one of our favorite spots, and had lots of lively discussions about teamwork and planned interesting projects for 2016. Yes, the food was tasty too!

In the afternoon, we continued the team-building by heading downtown to The Great Escape Room. If you have never done this type of thing, here is a quick overview: you and your team are "locked" in a room for 1 hour and you have to solve a series of puzzles to "escape", or get out of the room. I am proud that our team worked together and managed to "escape" by finding all clues, solving all puzzles, and cracking codes in The [mysterious] Library! Our time was 45 minutes and 8 seconds. It was very fun and memorable!

It was great day that Bright Eyes staff will remember for years to come! :)

-Dr. Nate


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