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Welcome to Our New Website!

Bright Eyes Tampa

Notice something different around here? Yes, that’s right! We’ve given our website a new makeover!

At Bright Eyes, we are committed to keeping pace with the advances in technology, and that includes our website.  As a part of that philosophy, we have spent the last several months working with the excellent people at EyeCarePro to help us launch an all-new website, with improved navigation, more information, and more ways for you to interact with us.  We’re pleased to unveil our new look, with a sleeker design and easier-to-find features. Our new site effectively highlights what is most important to us and to our patients.Bright Eyes Tampa

What is new:

  • 3-1 Website! The site for the Westchase office, the site for the Bright Eyes Kids, and the blog! It was always awkward to have to go from one site to another and they didn't all look the same.
  • Brand-new, fresh look that is consistent with our mission statement of empowering our patients of all ages.
  • The new site is much more mobile-friendly so patients can view it easily on any device.
  • Much improved patient interface, especially for our specialty services.
  • Easier access to the Google Virtual Tours of each office.
  • Elaborate content on many eye-care related subjects.
  • Easy access to add and change content. And we have lots of ideas!

Many people, including the Bright Eyes staff, the team from EyeCarePro, and other optometric colleagues have reviewed the new site, but we know that occasional glitches and typos sometimes get through. We are sticklers for perfection, and we want to fix things when they come up.

If you find a typo, a missing image, or a broken link, or something else wonky, just use the comment form on the bottom of the site to tell us what it is. We will fix it and credit you $10 for your next purchase for letting us know! Limit 1 fix per household :)

So there you go. Our new site. Enjoy!

-Dr. Nate


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