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Quit getting bent out of shape, with TurboFlex!


Are your glasses constantly needing adjustment? Do the temples (or arms as most patients call them) seem like they're always too wide? As an optician here at Bright Eyes, I find that I perform a fair amount of adjustments for these issues. While these are common problems for most eyeglass wearers, few are aware of the technologies that are out that help to reduce the stress that is put on glasses that cause them to become misaligned frequently.

Flex hinges have been out in the market for quite a while and they do a decent job of reducing the horizontal stresses created by putting on and taking off glasses. Now there is a new technology out designed by Aspex Eyewear, called Turboflex, which allows the temple to flex in any 360 degree direction to ensure maximum durability and comfort. “Using a new blend of materials in a unique configuration, TurboFlex provides total flexibility with a combination of a monobloc end piece and a rigid monel temple. This design allows TurboFlex® to adapt to even the most rigorous of external stresses and always retain its original shape. This means that TurboFlex frames require minimal adjustments and promise to deliver long lasting form-fitting comfort to the wearer.”

So the next time you’re here for a quick adjustment, make sure to check out these new revolutionary frames and see for yourself how flexible and durable your eyewear can be.

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