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Great Glasses Play Day!

Are you and your kids ready for our BIGGEST Great Glasses Play Day event yet?!?

Great Glasses Play Day!

Great Glasses Play Day:

Princesses and Pirates!

FREE FUN - May 2nd

GJk_EK_PICreat Glasses Play Day (GGPD) is a day to celebrate the children in glasses, or contacts or patches. And we will hosting the only one in Tampa.

Bright Eyes Kids will be celebrating the 4th annual Great Glasses Play on May 2nd 2015, from 11am-3pm. This FREE event aims to celebrate our children and the advances that help them see better, it also promotes awareness of the importance of early detection and treatment of vision issues.

The theme for the special day is Princesses and Pirates.chuck-e-cheese-s-capitalized-blogher-social-media-campaign

  • Come in costume to get a special gift!
  • Special Guests: 

- The Princesses from Arendelle 
- Pirates
- Chuck E. Cheese!
- More!Rectangle Logo

  • Pirate Ship Bounce House
  • Bricks 4 Kids with Lego Pirate Fun!
  • Frozen Karaoke singing!
  • Arts and crafts!timthumb
  • Face Painting and Balloons
  • Fun games and activities
  • Snacks and drinks

Keep in mind that Great Glasses Play Day is a national nonprofit organization. You can support GGPD by donating here.

See you there!

-Dr. Nate

All Free. All Fun. RSVP Here.

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