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Home » Blog » Dr. Nate Talks About Vision and Reading Problems at the Healthy Family Fair

Dr. Nate Talks About Vision and Reading Problems at the Healthy Family Fair

Healthy Family Fair

Bright Eyes loves to be involved in the Tampa Bay community. So when we were invited to sponsor and participate in Tampa Bay Healthy Family Fair, we jumped at the chance.

The fair is organized by the Tampa Bay Mom's Group, an incredibly dedicated group for moms (and dads) to share information and socialize. The group regularly puts on events such as the Healthy Family Fair. The fair features all of this:

  • Goody-bags for the first 150 families
  • Free Entry into Raffles & Giveaways
  • Access to all the Museum's open Exhibits
  • Access to a Special Limited Engagement Exhibit of The Wizard of Oz
  • Goodies, Treats, Samples & Swag from a Variety of Vendors
  • A Chance to Shop with some Great Local Businesses
  • Education & Information Sessions with Experts Available to Answer your Questions
  • 50% off Admission goes directly to support The Glazer Children's Museum
  • And just outside the museum, The Gasparilla Festival of the Arts will be taking place!

The fair is happening at one of our favorite spots - the Glazer Children's Museum this Saturday February 28th. You could win 4 free tickets here.

Join us at 2 pm, as our own Dr. Nate will be presenting his talk:

Kids with Reading Problems: Could It Be Their Eyes?

Most school age children have healthy eyes and 20/20 vision. But many of these same children have problems learning to read because they have a hard time moving and focusing their eyes to get the information from the page to their brain. Learn what the warning signs are for learning-related vision problems and what can be done about it. 

Here is the complete agenda for the special sessions:

agenda poster to print


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