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Home » Blog » Air Optix Colors Contact Lenses Are Here!

Air Optix Colors Contact Lenses Are Here!

AO_home_img2_770x549I will be honest. I have actively discouraged patients from using cosmetic contact lenses. I have done it for years. Not because I have anything against colored lenses, but because the most common lens, Freshlook, was uncomfortable and not as healthy as new lenses i prescribe.

People are familiar with the Freshlook brand of colored lenses, because it’s been around for 18 years! And until now, Freshlook was the leading brands for colored contacts. So some people feel if something works, why bother change? And for 18 years, Freshlook must have been doing something right, right? Well, who can imagine using a cell phone that was made 18 years ago? It is a ridiculous thought.

AO colorsFinally, I am happy to announce a breathable monthly colored contact lens that gives the clarity and comfort of Air Optix Aqua! The Air Optix Aqua lenses came out a little over 5 years ago with a more comfortable lens design that resists deposits. This lens also uses advanced technology that allows more oxygen into the eyes, which is important for long-term health

Now Ciba Vision released the colored version of Air Optix aqua.  The Air Optix Colors are available in subtle and vibrant colors - Checkout Ciba’s trial studio if you want to see what colors are available and how colored lenses might look on you!

If you already wear Air Optix Aqua contacts, you don’t even need another contact lens exam. Ask us if you can try Air Optix colors. Call for more information – 813.792.0637

And don't forget - Back to school is a great time to try these new color options!

-Dr. Nate


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