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Little Strides Fitness Sponsors 2014

Kids need to spend time being active outdoors away from the TV and video games, and yes, even books. And that is why we’re sponsoring our local kickball team once again for a another year of cool kickball games with Little Strides Fitness. This program uses the excitement of backyard kickball and transforms it into a learning program where kids gain insight about health and honesty while having a total blast playing with a diverse team! And parents observe this right from the field, as they are always there and welcome to watch and cheer for their star players!

Little Strides2

As a sponsor, we are allowed to share some important information to the young athletes and parents such as annual eye exams, and wearing UV-protecting sunglasses in our sunny state. We also applaud our local parents for signing up their kids in an outdoor program because this helps reduce risk of developing Myopia (nearsightedness), which is a rising visual concern in today’s digital world.  Even if digital devices offer learning programs for kids, it’s still no match for fresh air, soft grass, and cool breeze. :)  A good balance of indoor and outdoor activities for all kids is highly recommended.

We’re offering a Special for those who would like to register their kids for kickball this year. If you visit either Bright Eyes Family Vision Care or Bright Eyes Kids for an eye exam, you can register your child for half off the normal fee.

Happy Summer!

Dr. Nate


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