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Bright Eyes Supports Autism Awareness

autism ribbonNot everyone realizes this, but many of the behavioral characteristics of the autistic population involve the visual system.  From their ability to communicate and interact socially, those with Autism have difficulty processing and responding to information. Some Autistic behaviors may include:

  • Staring
  • Trouble balancing
  • Looking through hands
  • Looking sideways or with quick glances
  • Sensitivity to light
  • Pushing or rubbing eyes
  • Difficulty making & maintaining eye contact
  • Bumping into things
  • Fascinated by lights and shadows
  • Touching walls or tables while walking
  • Fear of heights
  • Stemming (toe walking)

Vision problems are very common in individuals with autism, and any of these symptoms can be caused by undiagnosed vision issues. These kinds of vision disorders are undetected because the symptoms are not a part of vision screenings at schools or pediatrician’s offices. If your child is diagnosed with autism, a yearly comprehensive vision evaluation with a developmental optometrist is recommended to ensure the best vision and ocular health.

Though some autistic children have trouble communicating with others, this does not reduce the accuracy of their exam. At Bright Eyes, Dr. Bonilla-Warford and Dr. Knighton are trained to evaluate special needs children, and to make the exam less stressful and more exciting for autistic children. The exam includes visual games to evaluate how both eyes aim, focus, track, follow, 3-D (depth perception), and process central-peripheral information. Both office locations, Bright Eyes Family Vision Care in Westchase, and Bright Eyes Kids in New Tampa, are equipped to accommodate your child’s visual needs.

Give us a call to schedule your child’s yearly vision exam at (813) 792-0637.

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