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New at Bright Eyes – Marco TRS and OPDIII


At Bright Eyes Family Vision Care we pride ourselves in providing the best in clinical services. We are constantly seeking to upgrade our clinical equipment and skills. As patients who have been in the office recently have observed, we have some new equipment that we are excited about! :)

Dr. Birnbaum with the OPD Scan III

Dr. Birnbaum with the OPD Scan III

To start off with, we have the new Marco OPD Scan III. This amazing piece of equipment does many things in a short amount of time. First, it measures the optics of your eyes in better ways. Beyond the traditional measurements, the OPD III provides a measurement of "higher order aberrations" which are types of blurry vision we have not been able to quantify in the office before.   This gives Dr. Birnbaum and I a much more sophisticated understanding of what your vision is like and helps us decide which visual option is best for you.

But the OPD Scan III does much more! It gives us a complete map of the shape of the front of your eye (very useful when looking for disease or fitting any contact lenses). It will show us who has had LASIK or other refractive surgeries. It can show the difference between night time vision and day time vision (perfect for those patients who have difficulty at night). It also has a demonstration setting to show what vision is like for patients. This can be useful to help parents understand what is going on with their child's vision. In short, this is an amazing piece of equipment!

Dr. Nate with the TRS

Dr. Nate with the TRS

The next new thing is the Marco TRS-5100, a digital refracting system. You probably know the old phoroptor (the one that is on the cover of the latest Justin Timberlake CD). That instrument essentially has not changed in 75 years. Well, now we have one that is more precise and consistent. It has new tests to replace some of the "1 and 2" tests that make determining your glasses prescription easier for patients and doctors. And it does tests to make sure your eyes are working well together and to determine if you need glasses for reading or the computer.

The best thing about this new equipment is that it is connected with our new electronic health record system, RevolutionEHR, so that with the push of a button all of the information is transferred to the computerized chart, saving time and reducing errors. This gives us more time to talk with you to help solve your vision problems. Who doesn't love that!?

I should add that there is no additional fees to use these tests. These are part of the comprehensive eye exam that you or your child receive when you come to Bright Eyes. So if you or your family members haven't scheduled to have your eyes examined this year - schedule now.

All the best!

Dr. Nate

By Nathan Bonilla-Warford, OD
Bright Eyes Family Vision Care
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