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Bright Eyes Family Vision Care Now Featuring Tomato Eyeglasses for Kids!


Dr. Nate's note: Don't forget we the only location in Tampa that has Tomato Glasses in stock! Come get them at the Great Glasses Play Day Sunday August 4!

My 5-year-old daughter wears glasses. I want her to pick out her own frames – ones that not only look cute, but also fit well and feel comfortable all day.

For a parent searching for the perfect pair of eyeglasses for your child, the options can be confusing. You'll see plenty of children's eyeglass frames, but which will your child actually wear and last longer than the ride home? I have an answer for you.

From my personal experience as a parent and working with young children, Tomato Active frames are the best option for fun and function.  Why?

  • Tomato Active frames are made just for infants, toddlers, and kids. Made from a lightweight safety plastic material, Tomato Active frames are durable and flexible. These frames are great for the playground, even sturdy enough to sleep in without breaking or getting bent out of shape.
  • Tomato Active frames WILL fit your child perfectly!  Rubber temple tips (pieces that go around the ear) are comfortable and we will adjust them to fit behind your child’s ear just right – not too long or too tight!  Nose pads come in 3 different sizes to ensure a proper bridge fit.  Every frame comes with a useful strap that does not rub, pull, or irritate your child’s head.
  • Tomato Active frames are cute and colorful. From flowers and cars to simple pastels, your child will find something to fit their personality.
  • Tomato Active frames are a great value – affordable and long-lasting!

One parent brought her kid in to Bright Eyes because his glasses were constantly falling down. A Tomato active frame was adjusted to fit him perfectly, so it didn’t slide down his face. His mom loved it so much, she bought a second pair!

Here at Bright Eyes, each child is evaluated individually to make sure every pair of glasses they receive are fitting correctly. It is important that the glasses stay in place, because kids tend to look over the top of slipping glasses instead of pushing them back up where they belong. And kids are far likelier to wear glasses if they like them!

But you do not have to take my word for it. Look at this email I got from a happy parent:

Big THANK YOU to JADE for all her help today getting some TOMATO frames ordered for my daughter! She was friendly, helpful and efficient and I just wanted to let you know I appreciated her! Thanks for employing outstanding staff! I look forward to getting my daughters first pair of frames!

Thanks Again!

 Bring your child to Bright Eyes Family Vision Care, where our main concern is your child’s eye care needs.

Jade Kowalick,
Children's Frame Specialist

Bright Eyes Family Vision Care
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