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Justin Timberlake has the 20/20 Experience

We all know that having good vision and eye health is important. But not everyone realizes how cool it is to have 20/20 vision. Well, I'm happy to say that one gentleman that you might recognize does think that experiencing life with 20/20 vision is important - important enough to title his next CD "The 20/20 Experience". I am talking about Justin Timberlake. Even optometrists know who he is. Check out his latest album cover:

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Here we can see  JT clearly enjoying his subjective refraction. And after this he'll surely have his eye coordination and health checked. Then he'll select one or a dozen pairs of glasses which he will rock all over the world. But because glasses can get sweaty on stage, he'll probably also be fitted for the best in contacts - probably daily disposable contacts that will keep his eyes healthy and comfortable during his busy travel schedule.

Of course, this isn't the first time that a musical artist has tried to establish some street cred by playing up their eye care connection. DJ Spooky had a very influential CD called Optometrist in 2002. As long time patients know, we usually play jazz, bossa nova, and downtempo music in the office, I suppose that we will have to get the CD and play it when it comes out in March.

Do you want "The 20/20 Experience"?  You can request an appointment with us - and you don't even have to wear a tux!

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