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The Second Frame FREE Sale!

I was all set to talk about the GIANT MYSTERY EYE that washed up near here, captivating nearly everyone. It was going to be all about eyes of different species and how unique they are for their environment and needs. But now that the mystery has been solved (SPOILER: It was a swordfish.), I have even better news.

For the first time EVER, we are offering a FREE frame sale. That's right - buy one frame, get the second one free.  Isn't that better than a mystery eye? :)

We know that most people need two different sets of glasses: sunglasses, computer glasses, reading glasses, hobby glasses not to mention that people like to have different options for fashion. A professional pair, a fun pair, an edgy pair. etc. So for the next 30 days we are making it easy to buy two pairs - by offering the second frame free.

FREE glasses

I know. Some of you are thinking: "But I don't need a second pair of glasses. I can pretty much do everything with this one pair."  And you might. You might have a prescription for one pair. But what happens if something happens to that pair? Are you able to do they important things in life without them? The answers is probably "No."  Because people need to be able to see every day and in every situation, it is helpful to think of glasses like shoes. Does one pair of shoes do everything you need? Work? Beach?  Nightclub? Probably not.

So stop in. Check it out. The sale is good any every frame in place. And we have over 1,000 frames to choose  from! Our talented staff will be happy to help you.

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