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We Welcome Maui Jim with a BOGO FREE Sale!

Welcome Maui Jim

We live in Florida and protection from the sun is essential. That is why I recommend quality UV-blocking sunglasses for every patient, young and old. Longtime patients at Bright Eyes will remember that we once carried Maui Jim sunglasses. Patients loved the superior clarity the lenses provided and the stylish, durable frames. In response to patient demand, we are pleased to announce that we now have them in stock again! We are very happy about this and we think you will be, too!

In fact, we are SO EXCITED about the new Maui Jim line that we are going to be offering two special sales:

  • The first 5 patients to buy Maui Jim sunglasses (starting now) will receive their choice of additional Maui Jims FOR FREE. Yes, a true Buy One Get One Free Sale. The second pair can be for a friend or family member - or keep them for yourself! If you use contacts, this is a great time to get one prescription pair and one without prescription. Any second pair - equal or lesser value. But only the first 5 people. If they go in the first hour, then that is it for the BOGO, so come in quick! (Unfortunately, the deal will not apply to some vision plans.)
  • For EVERY patient that buys a pair of Maui Jims between now, up to, and during our Grand Opening event on Wednesday, March 7th, save 30%! So even if you aren't one of the first 5, you can still get a deal. (And this does include vision insurance plans.)

So come in! Check out the new office! And save on Maui Jims while you can!

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