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Simple Gifts For a Wonderful New Year


For the holiday season I thought I'd share this timely eye and vision gift list, written by my friend and colleague, Dr. K.W. Scarbrough. She practices in Woodinville, WA. Feel free to substitute "beach" for "ferry" and "the gulf" for "Puget Sound".  :)  You can find more about her at

Small things can make life more enjoyable. Here are ten things for happier living.

  • Backup glasses Even a few hours without good vision are frustrating. For instance, try driving off the ferry without glasses because they fell into Puget Sound. Your dog chews them. A presentation goes badly because a painful eye prohibits contact lens wear. Having current and comfortable spare glasses is such a relief. However, in case of emergency keep them in the glovebox—your car is usually where you are.
  • Children’s eye examination Ninety-three percent of all learning comes through a child’s vision. An annual eye examination ensures the child is learning easily and at grade level. Once a child lags behind it is very hard to catch up. The examination also increases the child’s awareness of his body and comfort with the medical process.
  • Contact lens case The number one point of contamination of contact lenses is the storage case. A clean case can save money, time, and pain from an eye infection. Rinse and allow to air dry.
  • Prescription sunglasses Reading on the beach is so pleasant with polarized prescription lenses. Watch the children play, read a book, and protect your eyes all at once. Prescription suns are covered by most insurance plans.
  • Silicone or Bohemian crystal nosepads Thicker frames are the height of fashion but they can weigh on sensitive skin. Silicone nosepads cushion frames and help them stay in place. Crystal nosepads are great for those allergic to plastic and silicone.
  • Computer glasses Most of us spend hours each day on the computer, often resulting in eye, neck, and shoulder pain. Dedicated computer glasses with a wide viewing area relieve strain and increase productivity.
  • Preservative-free liquids Multi-use eye drops and contact lens cleaners must contain preservatives to protect against bacterial contamination. Preservatives can sting and irritate chemically-sensitive eyes. Preservative-free liquids bring soothing relief. Contact lens wearers using preservative-free cleaners often attain longer wear times.
  • One-use contact lenses There is no more convenient or safer contact lens than the one-use. Put them in, take them out, and toss them. Their liquid is chemical-free. Lenses are available in single, bifocal, and astigmatism styles.
  • Reading lamp While reading in dim lighting is not bad for your eyes it does require a lot more effort. A good reading lamp, set over the shoulder, will make reading easier.
  • Belly laugh The best medicine, a belly laugh in the company of good friends is free and available 24 hours a day. One each day will make life much more enjoyable.

Dr. Nate

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