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Help us out with Google Places change!


As you know, we at Bright Eyes always try to stay as current online as we are in person. This has been reflected in our Google Places reviews - until recently. The new formatting of our Google Places page has reduced our listed reviews from about 40 down to just 5!

But you can help! Google Places is where most people search for local services, and it would mean a lot to us if you can go on there and write a little something about us. It could be one sentence or a short novel. It's a very simple form and will help us out tremendously in getting the word out there!

Just click here: Capturerevus

We truly appreciate your support and thank you for being part of our family! As always, if there is anything we can do to help you, please let us know!

Dr. Nate

Nathan Bonilla-Warford, OD
Bright Eyes Family Vision Care

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