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Vision Therapy Is Amazing!

We have had an amazing few weeks at Bright Eyes Family Vision Care in the Vision Therapy department and I just want to share! There have been several patients who have graduated with flying colors and it is so wonderful to see them so proud of their accomplishments  - and so happy with the results!

One young patient is very bright but has a variety of different problems including difficulty with eye movement control and visual attention. During the course of vision therapy not only has his visual skill improved but his parents have noted a dramatic difference in his awareness of the world around him. They say that he is better able to work with groups of people and get his behavior at school on has improved dramatically!

Another young patient had amblyopia (which means a lazy eye) as well as a few other related visual processing problems. Her therapy was primarily for the amblyopia to improve the vision in her eye and to improve the way the eyes work together. Then at one point a few weeks ago her mother reported that her reading had really taken off. She had her nose in a book almost all the time! Needless to say her mother is thrilled.

35710 299815734976 28366449976 951292 5400291 sI am also excited because we have several new patients starting therapy program. One young man has had ongoing problems with double vision that have interfered with reading and school work. He is excited to get started and I am too because I know he is going to do very well. Another one is a typical case where the family came in with concerns about having to see blurry in the distance and only after we did the evaluation did we find out that there were focusing problems that may also be contributing to avoidance of homework and their close activities. Once I explained how and an underlying focusing problem can actually cause vision in the distance to be blurry, it made a lot of sense to them and they were excited to sign up.

Although vision therapy is the most time consuming and most complicated part of my career, it is also the most rewarding to being out the potential of these patients and their joy when they themselves realize it! If you have any questions about vision therapy and and whether or not you or someone else is a candidate, please feel free to give our office a call, e-mail us, or stop by.

Dr. Nate

Nathan Bonilla-Warford, OD
Bright Eyes Family Vision Care
Located in the Westchase area of Tampa.
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