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Tampa Bay Lightning Goalie Dwayne Roloson Trains His Eyes

Recently the Star Tribune of Minneapolis-St.Paul ran a story on Tampa Bay Lightning goalie, Dwayne Roloson. Part of the story explains how he uses sports-vision, to keep him at the top of game at age 41.

Says Dr. Mark Gordon, Roloson's optometrist:

"We take a look at eye-hand coordination, reaction time, processing speeds, peripheral awareness," Gordon said. "Do we know where our teammates are? Do we know where the opponents are? Do we know where the puck is? Do we know how fast the puck is moving? Can we make sense of not only where the puck is at this moment but where it's going to be a half-second from now?"

Sports vision is a type of vision therapy. Sometimes vision therapy is used to help someone develop skills they did not develop on their own. For example, vision therapy could be used to help a patient with autism develop control of their eye movements. Sometimes vision therapy is used to help people cope with visual stress, like the high-school student who gets double vision while studying. In sports vision, the goal is to help people who already have average or better than average visual skills have even better skills so that they perform at their maximum potential.

This exemplifies a great point. Vision therapy isn't "a procedure." It is the application of any of a number of procedures and concepts to increase a patient's visual skill. And this in turn can help them reach their goals, whether they are passing the FCAT or blocking the next hockey goal.

If you have questions about vision therapy, please do not hesitate to come in or contact us!

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