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What is so special about Lightec eyewear?

Here at Bright Eyes, we are proud to offer unique, high-quality eyewear. We are excited to announce that  Lightec is our newest line of frames. Made by Morel in France, these glasses continue our tradition of offering high quality and good-looking eyewear!

The name LIGHTEC comes from "lightness" and "technology" which allows for maximum comfort. The lightweight stainless steel frames offer flexibility and durability.  The high-tech spring hinges have no screws or internal hinges, meaning they are strong and secure. Lightec frames are available in a variety of eyeglass styles – full metal frame, semi-rimless and fully rimless – for men and women looking for fashion-forward, immediately comfortable frames.

We also feature the Lightec Carbon fiber frames – the temples are made with composite carbon and glass fiber materials for an amazing high-tech look. Take a look:

Lighttec Carbon Eyeglasses

Stop by Bright Eyes Family Vision Care for our Eyewear Show on February 12 to see the whole Lightec collection, and save 25% off Lightec glasses – frames and lenses! If you buy any 2nd pair, you will receive 50% off the lesser priced frame. (Prescription or non-prescription sunglasses included!)

And if you bring a friend to the show, you will receive an extra $25 off your purchase.  We would love to show them our optical and give them a chance to meet our optometrist, Dr. Bonilla-Warford.

Cristina Bonilla-Warford
Office Manager
Bright Eyes Family Vision Care
Located in the Westchase area of Tampa.


8 responses to “What is so special about Lightec eyewear?”

  1. ann dove says:

    hi do u sell the arm mounting frame spring for morel lightec 7479L

  2. brighteyes says:

    Good news. We do. We will be in touch.

    -Dr. Nate

  3. ann dove says:

    do u have lightec 7479L frames

  4. Mark Sutton says:

    Hi do you stock LighTec Morel 7267L Frames & or sunglasses.
    Many thanks,

  5. brighteyes says:

    We have many LighTEx frames, but it does not look like we have that one. Sorry.

  6. Richard Billington says:

    Where can I buy Morel #6809L eyeglass frames lighted 53 17 140

  7. Lynn says:

    Is Morel 60071M real?

  8. Ilya Makhlin says:

    I have a nice Morel Lightech 30039L frame. Unfortunately one of my spring hinge is broken and no-one in Chicago area can replace it.
    Would you please sell me one or two such hinges and I can install it myself?
    How I can get those parts?
    The glasses are so good and the frame is so nice that I do not want to abandon it.
    Please help!

    Ilya Makhlin

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