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AOL Story about a Child’s Vision and Learning Success

More and more regularly there are stories in the local and national media about vision therapy. This is great because not everyone is aware that vision problems can be responsible for a child having trouble learning to read. Or parents may not know that difficulties with vision can keep a good reader from completing assignments. The more research that is done, books are that published, and news stories are produced, the more likely it is that these patients can get the help they needed.

Just this week there is an article in the AOL Health section called, Could Your Child Have a Learning-Related Vision Problem? It is a story about the problems that Andrew had with reading that were related to vision problems even though he could see 20/20.  He was on the verge as being classified as having a "learning disability." That could be a devastating label for a bright young child to have.

Fortunately, Andrew's eye coordination problem was discovered and treated by Optometrist Kimberly Walker. He had a "learning-related vision problem," a problem with eyes and vision that make school harder than it should be.  The process for treating these kinds of problems often involves glasses and a series of therapeutic activities called "vision therapy." Essentially, the goal is to help the patient learn to use their eyes as effectively as they can. This allows them to develop needed life-skills like reading and writing.

If you'd like more information about learning-related vision problems, or to find a doctor who can evaluate for  learning-related vision problems, visit COVD. Or feel free to call our office at 813-792-0637.


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