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Letter from Mom about How Vision Therapy Helped Her Son with School

I recently received this email from a mother of a boy who graduated from vision therapy this summer. Like many of our patients, he is very bright but had some eye coordination problems that were interfering with  his reading development. After his vision problem was resolved through therapy he is doing much better. Letters like this are one of my favorite things about being a children's eye doctor! - Dr. Nate

Dr. Nate and Mrs. Edna,

Thanks for everything that you did to help my son. He did very well on his first report card for first grade. He gets a perfect score on nearly all of his math tests and is on grade level in reading. The school has continued to use his slant board in class and follow your recommended accommodations.

In the last quarter of Kindergarten, his Kindergarten teacher told me she thought he would really struggle in first grade. I'm glad that we proved her wrong! The teacher contacted me for a conference recently, and I was prepared to hear that he was having trouble. I was pleased and caught off guard when the teacher informed me that she requested the conference just so she could get to know my son better and that he was doing well in first grade. He works independently and finishes his work on time.

I feel that your program has made a huge difference in my son's academic life. I don't know where we'd be without vision therapy. It's ironic that I told the Kindergarten teacher last September that when my son learns to focus, he'll begin to shine! I didn't know at that point what, if any, vision problems he had!

He's beginning to shine this year.

If you have concerns or questions about your child's vision and whether or not it might be interfering with schoolwork, do not hesitate to call us at 813-792-0637 for an appointment. If you do not live in the area you can visit, or call us and we can recommend a pediatric eye doctor in your area.
Dr. NateNathan Bonilla-Warford, OD
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