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Computer Vision Syndrome in The Wall Street Journal

If you're like me or countless others who work at a computer for many hours a day, you'd be interested to learn that there is a term for the eye fatigue and strain you get after a long days work. Computer Vision Syndrome (CVS) was highlighted in this article today in The Wall Street Journal. The reason for this problem is because most of us who wear corrective lenses, and even those who don't need glasses at all,  are not being corrected for the proper focal length at which our computer monitors are sitting. Our eyes stay in this focused state for long periods at a time, usually without breaks to help our eyes relax.

There are options listed in the article to treat the symptoms of CVS, including a dedicated pair of computer glasses made to focus at your monitor, multifocal contacts, and even corrective surgery. Some are obviously more conservative than others, but one thing that most doctors will agree upon is that short, frequent breaks are always recommended for anyone who works extensively at a computer. Dr. Nate was even quoted!

The Wall Street Journal: How Technology Tries Our Eyesight

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